Our story

      At Reign Apparel we believe that we can be walking billboards of Jesus. That everywhere we go we can carry the Gospel through what we wear. Wake up and decide to wear something with substance and meaning, you can get that with Reign Apparel.

My favourite subject was art closely followed by design graphics. I enjoyed the space it created for me freedom, fantasy, confidence and more. I found myself doodling in every class, every page filled with concepts and ideas along with a dream of doing something with this gift. I was surrounded by creatives, my uncle was a well-known tattoo artist in New Zealand, an older cousin (Dom) taught me everything I know about Photoshop, skills I still use to this day.

I remember when I was 16, I started a brand, UKLY designs (a play on the word UGLY the way a Samoan would say it) It came about because I wanted to be the only one wearing the latest UKLY gears. I jumped into it blind, no idea what I was doing, no direction and no money. Short story shorter, it didn't go anywhere but what it did give me was a life lesson.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail - Benjamin Franklin

Wellington to Sydney I set my eyes abroad. A change from living for the weekends and going around in circles, I had a good feeling about this. A self-proclaimed mummy’s boy it was hard to leave the comfort of home. Mum let me move to Sydney with a condition "find yourself a church son" so I did. I started attending and quickly fell in love. I was introduced to a new space, met some amazing people that challenged my way of thinking. Cue the violins, Australia allowed me to reconnect with an old friend, Janice. A coffee date turned into a training date, then dinner and well the rest is history. Happily married and living on our own I couldn’t have written it better. That good feeling, just got better.

Submitting my life to Jesus was the best decision I have ever made. Learning more about God I realised I wanted to do more, to add value and do my part in building HIS kingdom. October 2017, we launched Reign Apparel - Walking billboards of Jesus Christ.

        Our story is still being written by the author and the finisher of our faith. We invite you to come along and journey with us. Alone we can go fast, together we can go far. 

Love and Blessings

Faitele Pumbah Fereti